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AutoSport Retro

24 godz. Daytona (USA) - 1 eliminacja. 3-4.02.1979r.


Lista zgłoszeń.

Lista zgłoszeń

World Championship for Makes (round 1)
Winston GT (round 1)
FIA World Challenge for Endurance Drivers (round 1)
(round 1)
IMSA GTU (round 1)

Track length: 6.180 m
Entries accepted: 84
Finishers: 22, 19 classified
Pole position: Ongais in 1.46,113 = 209,659 kmh
Fastest lap: Gregg in 1.49,477 = 203,217 kmh
24 hours
Average speed: 176,076 kmh
Cool and dry
Ruleset: Group 5, IMSA GT

Ted Field, Danny Ongais i Hurley Haywood

Ted Field, Danny Ongais i Hurley Haywood – Porsche 935.

Claude Ballot Léna, Michel Leclère i Jean-Claude Andruet

Claude Ballot Léna, Michel Leclère i Jean-Claude Andruet – Ferrari 512 BB.

Poor Georg Loos’ 1979 season started bad (and it would not get much better after that); the plane which should deliver his 935 Porsches could not open its freight doors in New York (they were frozen) and the plane set off to Brussels again with the expensive Porsches still in its belly. When it returned, the doors opened all right and a 24 hour journey to Florida begun. Despite missing much of practice, the cars qualified second and third, behind the Interscope car of Ongais.
The race was just over 1 hour when Fitzpatrick blew a head gasket, and soon he was followed by new signing Wollek in the other car who lost a turbo, which wouldn’t be the only one. Wollek dropped to 20th place, but fought back to third, while the other car retired for good. Early leaders Stommelen and team-mates Jöst and Merl retired after six hours, and when the second Loos car retired too, it was time for the Americans to take over. The brand-new IMSA style Interscope 935 with a single turbocharger of Field/Ongais/Haywood had their share of troubles too (they spent the last 11 minutes waiting for the flag on the straight!), but they won the race, with an 8-year old Ferrari Daytona in second place - the improved 512 BB’s were fast but retired.
Surprise of the race were the Mazda RX7 cars, they won the under-2500 cc class and finished fifth and sixth overall. We would hear more from those cars - not only in the States...

Weather: cool, dry
Start time: 3/2
Grid: unknown
Distance: 24 hours
Attendance: unknown
Entered: 84
Practiced: 70
Qualified: 67
Started: 67
Finished: 22
Classes:    Pract    Start
IMSA GTX    22    22
IMSA GTO    23    23
IMSA GTU    24    22

Race notes:
1 full-cource caution for 23 minutes (8 laps)
#1 Porsche 935-77A and #4 Porsche 935J penalized 30 sec. for assistance
Pre-race sessions:
2 qualifying sessions held for a total of 360 minutes on 1-2/2
6 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 360 minutes 31/1-2/2
20 minute pre-race warm-up held
Overall:    0    Porsche 935/79    Field / Ongais / Haywood
IMSA GTO:    65    Ferrari 365 GTB/4    Morton / Adamowicz
IMSA GTU:    7    Mazda RX-7    Katayama / Terada / Yorino
Fastest Laps:
Overall:    1    Porsche 935/77A    Peter Gregg (USA)    1:49.447    203.217 km/h    lap 152
IMSA GTO    56    Chevrolet Camaro    Craig Carter (USA)    2:01.690    182.822 km/h    lap 3
IMSA GTU    7    Mazda RX-7    Yoshimi Katayama (J)    2:05.403    177.409 km/h    lap 450
Pole Positions:
Overall:    3    Porsche 935    Carlo Facetti (I)    1:46.113    209.659 km/h
IMSA GTO    21    Chevrolet Camaro    Carl Shafer (USA)    1:57.717    188.992 km/h
IMSA GTU    7    Mazda RX-7    Yoshimi Katayama (J)    2:05.955    176.630 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:    Porsche (38), Chevrolet (11), Mazda (5), Ferrari (4), BMW (2), Datsun (2)
Top engines by numbers:    Porsche (38), Chevrolet (11), Ferrari (5), Mazda (5), BMW (2), Datsun (2)
Top car types by numbers:    Porsche 935 (13), Porsche 911 Carrera RSR (9), Porsche 911 (7), Chevrolet Camaro (7)
Driver nationalities:    USA (142), F (8), PR (7), CDN (6), CO (5), D (4), I (4), J (4), YV (3), CH (3)
Most used colours:    white (31%), red (27%), blue (23%), black (6%), silver (4%)
Engine positions:    rear-engined (54%), front-engined (36%), middle-engined (10%)
Oldest known drivers:    Paul Newman (54), Billy Hagan (47), Monte Shelton (45)
Youngest known drivers:    Kees Nierop (21), Enzo Calderari (27), Danny Sullivan (28)

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